How I Clean My Makeup Brushes! 

I clean my make up brushes in two different ways but today I decided to do them the quick and simple way only using soap and water! 
The first thing I do is get all my make up brushes that I want to clean together in a line. 

I then go to the sink and run the taps so that the water is warm.

I then put soap onto my hand and rub my brush into it and then you see all the dirty make up come off the brushes I also put them into the sink filled with water as well and get all the make up off them. 

Once they are all nice and clean I put them on to a towel and lay them flat, I do this so the water on the brushes don’t go into the brush and cause the brush hairs to fall out! Once they are all dry and clean I then put them back into my makeup brush holder. 

I know this blog post was quite short but I wanted to make it as simple and possible!



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