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What’s in my bag?

 Hello everyone I hope you are all well! Today I thought I would share with you whats in my bag as I love reading these myself!

My bag is from Michael Kors but I cannot remember the name but I am pretty sure it is still on their website, I love this bag so much it is so practical for everyday use and I think it’s just so cute.

Moving on to the first thing that is in my bag is my purse this is quite self explanatory as it just keeps all my money and cards in there.

I then have my  Apple headphones because i couldn’t think of anything worse than being somewhere like in a car etc and not having any headphones with you!

The next item laying around my bag is my phone charger even though my phone battery usually last the whole day again I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being somewhere when your battery is about to die and not having a charger to charge it. One thing I hate about having my phone charger and headphones at the bottom of my bag is when you go to get one of them they’re all tangled up together!! Does that happen to anyone else?

In my bag there is a few pockets in one of my pockets I have two bottles of perfume, one of them is Untold by Elizabeth Arden and the other is my all time favourite perfume and it is Eau da Parfum by Taylor Swift it smells so nice you should definitely go smell it when you get a chance!

The next thing in my bag is my house keys and they have a cute little white pompom so that they are easier to find when I am looking for them. I always make sure these are with me as after passed experience assuming you have your keys and then finding out you don’t have them and you have to sit outside your house for hours isn’t fun!!

Where I live there are lots of dirty places etc so I like to keep a surface spay and a hand sanitisers in my bag as you never know when you’re going to put touch someones chewing gum under the table (disgusting I know).

Going into another pocket I have my oil-absorbing sheets from Boots, these are very handy for going out and about as it doesn’t ruin my makeup and they are quick and easy to use. Also in this pocket I keep my dove deodorant because you never know when you or someone else might need it.

I then have my hairbrush and a hair bobble around it just incase my hair gets tangled or I want to put it up.

Lastly I have handcream because sometimes my hands can feel really dry, especially in the cold weather.

I hope you all enjoyed this, comment down below the weirdest thing you have in you bag!

Sassy xox



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