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Revision Tips!

Hello lovlies! I hope you are all well. I thought I would give you tips on how I like to revise as I am about to do my GCSE’s and I am sure a lot of you are to!

My first tip would be to create a time table, there is two ways I would suggest doing this. The first way I would do this is by creating a time table with precise  times on it with each different subject, I tend to struggle to keep to the times and for me I think when I don’t do it at the time I said I would it makes me annoyed and makes me loose motivation to revise. So instead I write down a reasonable amount of subjects I need to study in a day and how long for and do them that way it just adds less pressure of trying to stick to times etc.

My next tip is to purchase revision books I got mine from school and from amazon, I recommend getting them from amazon as sometimes they come in a pack and they are also really affordable prices. I also would get some coloured pens, highlighters and notebooks as bright colours help you to learn things and it also just breaks up certain parts or subheadings.

Moving on to actually revising, recently I have found that making a mind map with different sub headings in the middle with lots of relevant words highlighted really helps me learn facts!

The problem doing it this way is that it doesn’t really work for subjects like maths, so what I have been doing is repeatably doing pass papers this is what I have been doing for months and it has really boosted my marks up a lot!

I hope this helped you a bit more also if you have any revision tips of your own comment them below!

Sassy xox


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