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Review On The Ooharr Face Masks!

Hi loves, I hope you’re all well! Today I am doing a review about the new Ooharr face masks and telling you how amazing they are!!

Ooharr is a beauty and skincare company designed and manufactured in the UK and their products are made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils, keeping your face smooth, hydrated, radiant and works for all skin types!

So they kindly sent me all three of there new face masks that I am going to talk about today. All of these masks can be used on any skin type I have dry but very sensitive skin and did not have a reaction at all with any of these masks! You apply them all the same so you wash your face with warm water and then leave your face damp, you then apply the mask evenly across your face and neck avoiding your eyes and lips! After 15-20 minutes rinse your face mask off using warm water again and then finally splash your face with cold water to close pores.

The first one is the Dead Sea Cooler which is a deep cleansing face mask, this one is probably my favourite as leaves my face feeling very fresh and healthy! The face mask has peppermint, tea-tree and witch hazel combined with dead sea salts as it opens pores, detoxes skin and draws out impurities and it leaves you a brighter clearer complexion! Soon as I washed this off I noticed and felt a difference in my skin straight away it was just so soft.

Next I tried the Rosie Glows this rejuvenates your skin and makes your skin really soft and refreshed, the smell and the packaging of this one is amazing, if you are thinking of one to get I would recommend this one!!

Last but not least is the Star Glows skin polisher, this makes my face feel so much more recharged and brings my skin looking more young and awake! Also all the retro packaging on these face masks really win me over!

All these face masks are really affordable and I love them so go check them out:

Sassy xox


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