The Libster Award!

Hello Loves! So a couple weeks ago I got nominated to do the Libster Award by Weird Wonders so thank you for nominating me!

The questions I got asked;

Why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging as I thought it would be a fun hobby and I had wanted to do it for at least a year so January I decided to just do it and I am really happy I did!

Who are your favourite Youtubers?

My favourites are Freddy My Love, Just Jodes, Emily Canham, Meg Says, Danielle Carty and a lot more!

Who are your favourite blogs and why? 

I have a post going up soon, so I wont go into much detail but I really love MegSays blog just because I relate to her and she is very down to earth!

Where would you love to visit on holiday?

New York! I hope to go in the next few years.

What is your dream job?

I would be very happy with my own salon one day!

What are your three main life goals?

To be happy, have a family and to own lots of makeup!

What do you love most about blogging?

Just to be able to have my own space and meeting so many different people from all over the world!

Favourite time of the year?

My favourite time of the year is winter because everyone is so happy and everything is all cute and pretty.

Favourite Film?

My favourite film of all time is the notebook! It’s also the only film I have ever properly cried at.

Where do you want to travel to?

I would love to travel to America!

Who is your celebrity crush?

I have two. James Yammouni and Justin Bieber.

I nominate;

My questions; 

How long have you been blogging?

How old are you?


Favourite makeup product?

Have you met any celebrities?

Favourite singer?

If you could be anyone for the day who would it be?

Top 3 blogging tips? 

Any goals you want to achieve by the end of this year?

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post!

                                       Sassy xox


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