What I do on a Sunday!

Hello loves! I hope you’re all well! Today I thought I would share with you things I get up to on a Sunday, for me Sunday is a day of catching up with school work, YouTube videos, other social media or writing my blog posts! It sounds quite an easy chilled day but really in my head I am dreading waking up early to go to school!
So Sunday is the only day I don’t have anything to be doing so it’s my only lay in all week so I take advantage of this and I set no alarms and wake up whenever I want, some Sunday’s me and my mum go out for breakfast and have a proper catch up if we don’t do this it’s usually because I woke up in the afternoon (this happens a lot haha!)


Sunday is also the day where I where no makeup and let my skin breathe I like to do this is if I have any breakouts and it helps not to clog up your pores! Also it’s a Sunday who can be bothered haha! 

I then like to go onto my blog and either write some bits for the week or make sure I haven’t missed any emails as during the week I never really get much time to do this which is annoying because I love doing things that involve my blog! 
After this I then go and get a lush bath or a shower and dwell on the fact that I have school the next day, I love getting Lush baths they’re so relaxing! 
So that’s about all I really do on a Sunday, let me know what you do on a Sunday! 

                                     Sassy xox


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