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Spring Night Routine 2016!

Hello loves! Today I am doing my night routine as I find these quite interesting myself! 
So the first thing I do when I get in is I put away my bags and take off my shoes, I then make my self a cup of tea and check all my social media. 

I then go and run my bath and have I always use something from Lush in there! Today I just used the comforter and the star fron lush I’ve forgotten what it’s called! I play relaxing music too as I this just winds me down and relaxes me. 


After this I put a face mask on and moisturise my body as I have very dry skin. Once it has soaked in I put cute and fluffy pjammas and socks on.

Then I make another cup of tea, light some candles and watch YouTube videos and Netflix and then go to bed.

I know this was quite short but that’s really all I do at night! 
                                    Sassy xox 


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