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My Hair Care Tips!

Hello loves! Today I thought I would share with you how I look after my hair I have recently cut my hair to the shortest it has ever been and I’m loving it feels so much more thicker and healthier! 

Tip one: regular trims! 

Getting your haircut on a regular basis helps your hair stay healthy and grow faster I work in a salon so it’s easier for me to have my haircut regularly but I recommend having it cut every eight weeks! 

Tip two: conditioning!

As summer is around the corner I’m sure many of you will be going on holiday so I recommend dampening your hair and coating it in conditioner before going into the sea/swimming pool the clean water you dampen your hair in will minimise the amount of chlorine/salt water your hair can absorb, it will also help style and keep the knots away which to me is a lifesaver!

Tip three: Don’t brush, comb!

When your hair is wet it is best to comb your hair instead of brushing as it prevents split ends! 

Tip four: Bristle brushes!

When using brushes, bristle brushes are the best as they make your hair nice and sleek this also reduces split ends!

Tip five: Don’t sleep with wet hair! 

My final tip is one I struggle with and it’s making sure you don’t sleep with wet hair as it can make your hair oilier and greasier quickly! 

I hope some of these tips helped! 

Saskia xoxo


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