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June Favourites!

Hello loves welcome back I hope you are all well! There have been a lot of things I have been loving through out June so I thought I would share them with you all!




I have two eyeshadow palettes that I have been continually using, one of which is the is the Too Faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette. I love the warm coppers and the pretty pinks, although I also have been experimenting with other looks using more of the other matte shades. The other palette ( Makeup Revolution eyes like angels ) has been also a much loved product this month I tend to go to this for more of the shimmery colours. I bought this because I didn’t have a palette that had very bright and bold colours. Honestly I am so surprised by the quality of this palette considering it was so inexpensive for 32 different shadows!



Moving on to primers, I have been non stop using the Bourjois happy light primer it has became such a daily essential, I started mixing it with other primers and that’s when I knew I was obsessed! I started mixing it up with the Rimmel good to glow highlighter/illuminator. I have had this for a while and never really got a long with it because it was patchy on its own but I seen a lot f people mixing it up with their primers or foundations and the results were much better than mine so when I tried it again it works so much better and gives such a subtle glow which is so perfect for the summer.



Now I don’t know if anybody else has been trying to look like a glazed donut this summer but I definitely have! I have found two perfect highlighters that are making me GLOW!!! My first fave is such a classic and if you’re obsessed with highlighters like myself you most likely have it, but if you don’t where have you been?!? The Mary-lou Manizer this is my baby and has to be an essential in your makeup bag. I’ve never seen anything so pretty! Next up is MUA’s strobe and glow, I was astonished when I first tried this and I still get a surprised every time I use it it’s amazinggggg!!! I always find applying highlighter so addicting and end up applying a crazy amount!



As well as looking like a glazed donut you also want to be looking like a bronzed goddess. The bronzer I have been using is another raved about product Benefits Hoola I use this all the time ad I am really loving it. It’s matte and I find that it works really well with my skin tone.



Next is the Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder. I was watching Rachel Leary’s youtube videos and she always says how good this is so I thought I would pick it up although I was slightly hesitant because I was unsure whether it was going to be worth the price but it is and i’m so happy I got it and I haven’t been able to get the same finishing look I get with this on any other alternative products.



My last beauty favourite is the Urban Decay long lasting setting spray. I feel like every girl needs this during summer! It is the best setting spray I have tried and my makeup last so much longer with this and is such a life saver.


This is my favourites of the month I hope you all enjoyed reading!

Saskia xo







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