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Summer Makeup Routine 2016

Hello loves,welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all well! Today I am sharing my summer makeup routine!

First I moisturise my face with vaseline because my skin is very dry and I get irritated by a lot of products so I have to be careful.

After this I prime my face using the Nivea post men shave balm mixed in with the Rimmel Good to Glow highlight/ Illuminator in the shade Notting Hill Glow this gives my skin a really glowy look.

I then move on to my brows! I am using the MUA pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit to apply this I use my real techniques eyebrow brush. I use the darkest shade to outline my brows and the shade next to it to fill my brows in. I then take The Body Shops brow and lash gel and brush it through my brows to set them.

I take my Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer around my eyebrows to clean them up I take my Nanchy foundation brush and blend it out. To prime my eyes I am using the same concealer and using a loose powder to set it so my eyeshadows blend nicely.

For my eyeshadow base I am using Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels eyeshadow palette, I am using the shade ‘Pink’ I apply this on the inner and outer parts of my lid as that is where I am wanting the most pigment. I then blend using the Nanchy blending brush. I then take peanut butter from Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette into the crease using another Nanchy blending brush to blend it all in. I then go back to the Makeup Revolution palette and apply ‘Pink Frosted’ on the lid and ‘ White Light’ in the inner corner using the Nanchy shader and tapered crease brush. Once I’ve finished the rest of my makeup I take ‘Pink’ and put it under my eyes using the Real Techniques accent brush.

Moving onto my face I take my Revlon Colour stay onto my damp beauty blender and blend it out all on my face, I don’t put a lot on because I am not wanting a full coverage I just want it to even out my complexion.

To conceal under my eyes I am using Maybellines anti age eraser eye concealer, I put it under my eyes as upside down triangles ( ish) and blend it out using my beauty blender. I then take my collection lasting perfection concealer and apply it on any spots I have and blend it out the same way.
To bake my face/set my concealer I use the Laura Mercier loose translucent powder I put this under my eyes and leave it to set whilst I contour.

I have recently fell in love with the Makeup Revolution contour kit. I take the middle shade on the bottom row and apply it to the hollows of my cheeks, my jaw line and the outter part of my forehead I blend this in using the Real Techniques powder brush. I then take a fluffy powder brush and take off any exsess powder from where I baked.

Moving onto highlight I use my MUA strobe and glow kit. I use an old foundation brush from Real Techniques and use the cream from the kit and put it on my cheek bones. I take a fan brush and use the powder to highlight my cheek bones and a smaller brush to take The Balms Mary Lou Manizer to highlight the tip of my nose and my Cupid’s bow.

For blush I decided to use one from Avon because it’s a nice deep red I use my Nanchy blush brush to apply this.

Moving onto mascara I use the Bourjois push up volume glamour ultra black edition on my top and bottom lashes. I love this mascara it makes your eyelashes so intense!

Finally I take my Rimmel lip liner in the shade Tiramisu and Macs Velvet teddy on my lips !

I hope you all enjoyed this!

Saskia xo


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