Her Clutter Box Review!

Hello loves, I hope you’re all well! Today  I am excited to talk to you about Her Clutter Box they kindly sent an acrylic makeup holder and I thought I would give it a review for you all! I think it’s always good to see what other people think of something before investing into it! Before I do start I would like to say a big thank you to Her clutter Box for sending this to me, I am extremely grateful and I cant wait to show you all how amazing their storage is!

Her Clutter Box sent me there 4 drawer Clutter box, it comes with three drawers the same size and the 4th drawer is a lot bigger depth  . They also come with dividers in each drawer that you can either choose to have in or take out I have them in the first two of my drawers to separate concelers, primers, foundation and eyebrow products, this is very handy as it keeps everything in its place and keeps it an organised clutter!

I didn’t expect to be able to fit so much makeup into it! Makeup that takes up 6 Alex drawers worth of storage has managed to fit into four pretty looking drawers (most of it anyway), I like the fact that I can see my makeup while I’m sitting at my vanity and not just hidden away at the other end of my bedroom which causes me to use the same makeup everyday.

Her Clutter Box storage is very atheisticaly pleasing, if you look at the photos I have been showing of them, they’re so pretty and simple, you could honestly put it in any room and the centerpiece would be your clutter box! I love the fact that you can put stuff on top of it too for example you could have your makeup brushes or you could have a candles and fairy lights! These drawers work for all ages, they could be in a teenagers room or in an older woman’s room and they would still look modern and classy! Even if you do not have a big makeup collection you could use the drawers for other things such as hair or skin care products, I’m thinking of purchasing a set and putting them in my bathroom to do this for all of my facemasks and tanning products.

I will leave all of her clutter boxes links here, go have a look at their products (they have an amazing sale going on)

Her Clutter Box:

I hope you enjoyed reading, lots of love,

Saskia xo







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