What’s On My IPhone 2017!

Hello everyone I hope that you are all well, today I thought I would show you what is on my iPhone as I always like watching and reading blog posts and YouTube videos (because I’m nosey) so I thought I would do one too as I have never done one before.

So before I get into what apps I have I thought I would show you the phone case I have. I have a weird thing about phone cases I like to have a lot and I don’t really no why, they never seem to be ones that will actually protect your phone if it breaks its mainly for the fashion side!

The one that is on my phone today is a marble one from Coconut lane I’m pretty sure my discount still works for their site so if you do want anything you can use the code alittlebitofsassy20 for 20% off!

My home screen is a photo of me and my dog that sadly passed away, the photo on the left is of when he was a puppy and the photo on the right is a recreation that we done before he passed.

Once you unlock my phone I have all the apps that are already on the iPhone so I wont go into it too much as I’m sure you all know what they are.

Next I have Snapchat -saskiasymington if you would like to add me! This is my personal one I did have a separate one but I prefer just having one.

Next I have Twitter this is where I am a lot of the time it’s very east to procrastinate! If you would like to follow me on that its – alittlebitsas I follow back!

Instagram is another one I use to procrastinate this is actually nearly my second year on my alittlebitofsassy Instagram which is crazy it has gone so fast. This is where I do most of my giveaways too!

Then I have Facebook and Facebook messenger these are both private, I don’t use it that often but it’s handy to have so I can keep in contact with my friends and family.

In the next folder I have everything I use for my YouTube and blog, so live subscribers count I don’t use this often it’s just to check my live sub count and others too! Then I have YouTube which everyone knows what that is! My channel is alittlebitofsassy. Then I have iMovie which is what I use to edit most of my videos although I have recently got a new camera and because I do not have an apple mac I don’t think I will be able to edit on there anymore!

Then theirs instant Picframe which I use if I want to frame my photos (tbh I don’t use this much I should probably delete it)

Then I have Phonto I use this to add text onto my photos mainly for YouTube thumbnails or blog photos! I do really like this app its handy to have!

Finally in this folder I have WordPress which of course you know what that is! I like having the app as it means I can edit blog post on the go and reply and read others posts!

Then I have a folder with random apps inside the first one is Spotify where I can listen to music and then I have Gmail which is my email for my Instagram and blog things! Then I have Steps which tracks how many steps you have done that day and next to that I have the Clue app which tells you when you are due on your period ( it’s a good app to have if you’re a girl)

Then for some reason I have WhatsApp in a folder of its own! I’m not too sure why but I’m going to roll with it! This is personal too!

Then I have the countdown app which just tells me how many days I have till my next event like a holiday or my birthday!

And that is all I have on my iPhone! I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope it didn’t come across as too much self promo!

Thank you for reading,

Love Saskia xo




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