Testing L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation!

Hello loves! Today I am going to be telling you what I think of the L’Oréal Infallible total cover foundation! This is something I was very eager to try as I love full coverage foundations but I’ve never found a drug store one that has the best results as a high-end one would have. But when I seen the videos of it being able to cover tattoos I had very high hopes! I have photos of when its first applied and a few hours later so you can see how it holds up!

The foundation itself is matte, and its said to cover redness, marks and dark spots, I have red cheeks and it managed to cover them in just one layer! The texture of it is quite thick but it was what I was expecting considering it is a full coverage foundation. My skin still feels like it can breathe.

I used the Infallible mattifying base primer, as it recommends. I didn’t use any colour correcting as I though I would see how the foundation holds itself. I applied this using a stippling brush.


So this is my base and as you can see its covered really well, my red cheeks and spots on my forehead aren’t showing much! I still have a bit of darkness around my eyes but nothing a bit of concealer wouldn’t fix! Although the texture of the foundation is thick my skin still feels like it is able to breathe!

 This is after my makeup is finished! I really like the look! The cost of this foundation is 8 pounds which I think is really affordable. I am really pale and I got the shade sand at it has matched like a dream! I really really like this foundation, it’s definitely a new favorite!

I hope you all enjoyed this let me know your thoughts on this foundation if you already have it!

Lots Of Love,

Saskia xo


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