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Behind The Scenes Of Blogging!

Hello loves! I hope you are all well! I am going to be telling you a few things about what goes on “behind the scenes” of blogging and if you are not a blogger you might not know these things as there is a lot more going than meets the eye! Before I get into it this is a collab with the lovely Hope so please go over to her blog here and check out her blog, I will also leave a link of her Instagram at the bottom too as her feed is amazing!

Coming up with ideas:

I always seem to come up with good blog post ideas or things to write when I’m not sitting at my laptop so I end up writing some bits on a piece of paper and then the other half of it onto my phone so when it comes to actually writing it up I have different paragraph’s everywhere! But then there could be some weeks where I have no ideas at all which is so frustrating when you find some free time where you can blog and have no ideas!

Getting the perfect photo:

Flat lays! trying to get that perfect shot can be difficult standing on something so you can get everything in the shot whilst everything around you is a complete mess and you also have to put things together to get that perfect shot! Although good content is key, I sometimes like having good photos to break it up from just words and make it look more appealing!

Planning & testing & Researching

I am forever coming up with new makeup look ideas and testing them out and sometimes they don’t work out the way you hoped for so this can be a lil disheartening and can take a while to find the perfect tutorial. Sometimes it takes me a while to plan all my ideas for that week/month and making sure to be on time with everything! I always like to see what new products brands are bringing out and purchasing them so I can do a review and tell my readers what I think about it.


I really love getting emails and working with great company’s, but it is really time-consuming and its hard to sit and reply to every single email and keeping on top of them every week!

Social Media

Social media is very important in my opinion. Most of my readers have found me from Instagram or Twitter and its good to be able to engage with people on other platforms, I mainly find other bloggers through social media too. This can take up some time as I take the photos, edit them and make sure I stay active but its one of my favourite things!

So these are a few things that I do behind the scenes of my blog post and I love each part I find it so fun and rewarding! Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to go and check out TheBeautyHermit!

Love Saskia!

 Hope (The Beauty Hermit!)

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