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5 Things That Make Me Happy!

Hello loves, I hope  that you are all well!

Sometimes it is easy to lose track of what you love doing and what makes you happy because you are swept up in day-to-day life so I think its good to reevaluate what makes you happy and make sure you do them because self-care is important! I have a lot of things that can cheer me up and make me happy but I thought 5 was a good number!

1. Friends & Family.

My friends and family are one of my main reasons of happiness nothing is better than having a good old chat with your friends and family to get some advice or whether it’s a fun day out with them that you needed to put a smile back on you face. I am so grateful to have some real special people in my life!

2. Tea

I realize this is a very typical answer that most British people would say but what doesn’t a cup of tea not fix! Even if it doesn’t fix it completely sitting down with a cup of tea definitely makes me feel better!

3. The Beach.

I used to live up North in a place called Cleethorpes which was right by the sea and it used to be so lovely, unfortunately now I am quite far from a beach which means I can’t go to a beach as much as I would like but when I am there it honestly just relieves my stress. Honestly walking in general especially at night cheers me up.

4. Getting shit done!

When I get everything ticked off my to do list and my bedroom is clean and I can simply just relax for the rest of the night makes me happy I definitely believe clean house clean mind. It also makes me happy knowing that I have pre-filmed/ prewritten videos and blog posts.

5. YOU!

Every single person who reads my blog posts follows me on social media or watching my videos. You make me happy and although I hate the cheesy emotion shit I am so grateful and happy to have you!

Thank you so much for reading. Tell me something that makes you happy in the comments!

Love Saskia xo



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