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Makeup Revolution Review; concealers & highlighters!

Hey babes, I hope you’re well!

I’m sure by now everyone’s on the whole Makeup Revolution hype, but if you’re not then girll you better keep reading because imma bout to change your life!

It seems like everyone is testing out MUR atm, I mean they’re super affordable yet their products are just as good if not better then high end/ luxury brands that we’re paying triple the price for! Who wouldn’t want to be on the MUR bandwagon rn?

I’ve had a lot of MUR products in the past but it’s seems like they have completely upped their game recently so I couldn’t resist and went and got a few lil bits!

I picked up their new concealers in a lighter shade and a contour shade. Before I started using them I was using the Nars creamy radiant concealer and since using these ones I’ve not picked up any other concealers. They are super creamy and full coverage I love the fact they have a big spongey bit ( I cannot think of the name of these am I being stupid?) it makes it so much more quicker and easier to apply.

There’s 25 shades I repeat 25!!! I mean MUR are really changing the drugstore game right now, when I go to buy more I am going to try and buy a lighter shade as I do like an extremely bright under eye!

When I use the darker shade to contour you only need a few dots as trust me it can have you looking streaky and patchy although it is super bendable so I don’t think you could go too wrong.

I also picked up one of their liquid highlighters, I like to use the liquid highlighter for underneath my foundation as it gives me a super dewy natural glow, I literally use it under my foundation everyday I’m obsessed with the finish it gives! I recommend you try using it under your foundation if you haven’t already!

Overall I’m loving Makeup Revolution right now there’s not one product I’m disappointed in. Hopefully I’ve helped some of you find some good makeup bargains!

If you want to see a video of me using these products check out my insta (saskiamua_).

Let me know if there’s any products you’re loving!





**This blog post was not sponsored**


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