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Favourite Spotify playlist & Netflix Shows; January Faves 2018!

Hey babes!

I dunno about you, but I love seeing/listening to other people’s music and see what they’re listening to. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut playing the same playlist on repeat! So if you’re like me and fancy a lil inspo keep reading!

P.S I know it’s slightly annoying that you can’t actually hear the music so I’ve linked my playlist down below!

1: Barking by Ramz- I think if you’re from the uk everyone and their nans have heard this song by now!

2: India by Lil Durk- I’m not sure when this song was released but my boyfriend constantly played it during the Christmas period and then before I knew it I had it on my playlist!

3: Tip Toe by Jason Derulo- I just love how upbeat this song is!

4: Finders keepers by Mabel- loooove this song so much and also how beautiful is she thooo!

5: Planez by Jeremih – quite an old one but definitely a banger!

I thought I’d add a couple of shows I’m watching on Netflix too!

1: Orphan Black- I first started watching this when it first went on to Netflix and then when the other seasons didn’t come out on to Netflix straight away I kind of just forgot all about it until a few weeks ago I decided to give it another whorl and watch it from the beginning seen as I had forgotten most of what had happened and I’ve became so obsessed with it again I have one more season left ( so please don’t ruin any endings for me!)

2. Ru Paul’s Drag Race!

I’ve heard so much about this show for a while before watching it, I wish I had watched it sooner it’s so funny and entertaining I love it! Definitely recommend if you like something you don’t have to watch to intensively!

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what your fave songs have been this month!

Spotify playlist-




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