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Hitting 10k on Instagram; Advice And A Lil Heart To Heart!

Hello Loves I hope you are all well!

A few weeks ago now I hit 10k on instagram which is still so surreal to me! I have had my makeup account since 2015, I first started by posting pictures of makeup products and the things I was loving!

It wasn’t until 2016 that I actually put a picture up of myself! It took me so long because I didn’t want anyone I knew in real life to find me but also it was pretty much what every other makeup account was doing at that time! It was perfect for me posting pictures and writing about them and not having to speak out loud or show my face, but the more and more I experimented with my makeup the more and more I wanted to share it on my lil account!

I didn’t get tons of followers over night, it was a steady growth and I worked so hard on my account, I felt like nobody took me seriously or followed me back until I hit 1k in 2016 which is a lil disappointing but that was the point when my account started to do well.

In the beginning I found the best way for me to get followers was to find a picture of a beauty product from an account that was similar to mine and follow the people who had liked that post as if they like that persons account there’s a chance they might like mine and follow me back too! Sometimes this worked sometimes it didn’t but it got me to 5k doing it that way!

I’m not sure if I would do it that way again as the con is I ended up following a lot of people which you can still see by looking at my Instagram now!

From about 5k onwards I completely changed and updated my account. I had my blog, my photography had improved and my makeup looks were starting to get a lil bit more creative. This all definitely helped my account a lot!

Last year I then became ill I stopped blogging and gradually stopped posting on Instagram as you can imagine I lost a lot of followers. I felt guilty and I felt like I had let my hard work all go down the drain and I let myself down! Then towards the end of last year my passion grew and I missed posting so much so I started to become a lot more active again, I started to upload a lot more makeup tutorials and again it really helped me grow and I was so happy that I didn’t give it up for good!

Now I have also slowly gotten back into blogging and I feel like I’m gradually getting back to the routine I used to be in!

DISCLAIMER- I am so so grateful for 10k followers I couldn’t thank you all enough! This is no way at all me bragging this has been a big goal of mine that I didn’t think I would actually hit! If this could help/motivate one person who is feeling down about there account then I am happy. (let’s face it the way the Instagram algorithm is I’m pretty sure most people are including myself sometimes!)

Thank you all so so much I’m forever grateful my Instagram and my blog has brought me so many opportunities and its a massive milestone for me to hit! ❤️

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