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My New Favourite Translucent Setting Powder! Dupe of the Laura Mercier Setting powder?!

Have you ever found a beauty product that you absolutely love and it turns into a daily essential but it’s slightly over priced?

This was my problem with the Laura Mercier translucent powder, I love it and it was definitely my go product pretty much everyday, but for £29 and it running out quite fast I was on a hunt to find a dupe!

I tested out a few from Superdrug but they were never as good and I was still reaching for my LM one.

Until I was watching a Holly Boon makeup tutorial on YouTube (you need to check this gal out of you haven’t heard of her!) I heard her mention how good the RCMA translucent setting powder is, it looked so good and I knew I needed to try it. After a few days of debating I took the plunge, went on to beauty bay and purchased my new baby!

The RCMA setting powder is £13 for 85g comparing that to the Laura Mercier one which is £29 and only has 29g I had definitely found myself a bargain!

Colour wise they are both translucent and look the same. They both apply great with either beauty blender or brush. Packaging wise I feel like my RCMA is more heavy duty, I have traveled with it so many times and my Laura Mercier tub has broken just sitting on my vanity!

I have finished my Laura Mercier one and I don’t see myself replacing it any time soon! I highly recommend you try the RCMA translucent setting powered you won’t regret it!

Thank you for reading angels! Let me know if you have any dupes that you are loving atm!

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