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My Top 3 Foundations! For All Different Skin Types!

Hey huns I hope you are all well!

I always get questions asking what my favourite foundations are for different skin types so today I thought I would share with you my top 3! They’re high end and drugstore and also different coverages so there will definitely be one for you!

1.Bourjois Air Matte Foundation – £9.99

I feel like this foundation hasn’t had as much recognition as it deserves! It’s matte and super full coverage it also lasts me the whole day! This is the foundation I use most on a day to day basis!

2.Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation – £34. Love Love Love! It is medium coverage super dewy and just absolutely perfect for the spring summer time when you’re wanting the dewy bronzed goddess look!

3.Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation– £7.99. This one is the cheapest out of all of them and I love it! I bought this one as I was going away to my boyfriend for a few days and accidentally left my makeup bag at home! I’m so glad I did because I wouldn’t have picked this up otherwise and it’s so good definitely a dupe for the Bobbi brown foundation and it’s a lot more full coverage!

Thank you for reading! Sorry for the post being quite short but I don’t want to just add foundations for the sake of making the blog post longer! Let me know what your favourite foundations are!

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6 thoughts on “My Top 3 Foundations! For All Different Skin Types!

  1. Do you think these foundations would work well for sensitive skin? I’m a loyal fan of the Estee Lauder foundations and particularly because they work well with my sensitive skin, but these ones sound great! It would be fab if you could check out my blog xoxo

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