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How To Achieve Super Hydrating/Dewy Skin!

Hi babes, seen as spring is just around the corner and the dewy glowy skin will be coming back I thought I would tell you how I get the natural summer glow!

I start off by moisturising my face I use the Nspa Brightening day cream, I love this moisturiser it’s all I’ve been using atm. You know those moisturisers when you put them on and they have a cooling feeling on your face this does that! Absolutely perfect for the summer time, but as long as you have a hydrating moisturiser with a lil spf you’re good to go!

Once I have put my moisturiser all over my face I then use my Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in the shade starlight and apply small drops all over my face, I blend this out using a nanchy stipple brush. You don’t need to use a lot of this as you get enough product from 3/4 drops.

After I have blended that in I go in with my Mario Badescu rose water spray and spray that all over my face, if you are going to be wearing makeup on top I would recommend also spraying the Mac fix plus to help prime your face!

If I wasn’t wearing makeup I would stop here but if you are wearing makeup on top I would recommend using a dewy/sheer foundation I like to use the Bobbi Brown Moisture rich foundation so the glow can still appear through!

I hope this helps some of you achieve your summer glow! Let me know if there’s any products you would suggest down below as I am always on the hunt for new skincare!

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