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How I get bigger fuller lips using lip liners and highlighters!

Hey babes I hope you are all well! I’m so happy to be writing this blog post it feels like it’s been a little while!

Seen as it’s the weekend and majority of people will be going out tonight (although not me I’m basically an old woman who prefers a cup of tea and watching the soaps!) I thought I would tell you how I get my lips looking the fullest without having fillers or lip pluming products!

Ok so if you want to use any lip balm or a lip scrub you can, but I go in with my lip liner I either use either Rimmel lip liner in the shade cappuccino or 050 Tiriamisu I use this to outline my whole lip and overdraw it more on the bottom lip and slightly on my upper lip!

I then go in with my new L’Oréal cream lipgloss in the shade 103 protest queen (loving this shade name btw) I apply this mainly in the centre of my lips to give a defined ombré effect. The reason why I usually do this technique with nude colours is because I feel like you can get away with overdrawing them just that little bit more of course you can still do this with brighter colours!

Once I have applied the gloss I then add some highlight on my Cupid’s now and the centre of my lips!

Hopefully this helped you get fuller lips! Let me know any tips you have down below!




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